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About us

LSWR is a PWC rental provider located on Lake Simcoe in Keswick, Ontario serving Georgina and the surrounding areas. Georgina sees a lot of visitors during it’s summer months for its beaches and events, so why not bring an added experience to those visitors to keep them coming back for more!

Our promise: to offer excellent and regularly maintained and inspected equipment before and after every outing to ensure you have an easy, hassle-free experience.

Our goal: to leave you with some amazing memories on the waters of Lake Simcoe, and to keep you coming back for more!

How we started

Lake Simcoe Watersport Rentals (LSWR) was born out of a dream that quickly turned into a reality. With a strong desire to be out on the water, and no where (close) to turn to for a thrilling adventure; LSWR was born. We are millennials living for the experience, in the now, and enjoying the lake we know and love. Come out and ride one of the top "dirt bikes on the water" whether it's your first time or your tenth, experience Lake Simcoe in a whole new way.

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