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One-hour rentals starting from $94.99 +TAX

4-hour (half day) starting from $324.99 +TAX 

8-hour (full-day) starting from $449.99 +TAX 

Your rental includes

Two (2) people max per jetski
Life jackets

No jetski experience necessary


4-hours $349.99 +TAX

8-hours $659.99 +TAX


Competency in swimming is recommended.

Note: The booking guarantees your spot and a machine for the duration of your rental.

Rules & regulations

  • All operators must be a minimum of 19 years of age and possess a valid G Driver’s License.

  • All operators must sign our Liability Waiver and Rental contract.

  • No Towing. No beaching. No docking.

  • 20% Booking deposit and $1000 security deposit per Sea-Doo, $2500 for pontoon. Deposits may be on Visa, MasterCard or American Express.

Additional charges could include:

  • Lost or stolen life jackets: $59.99

  • Lost or stolen D.E.S.S keys (operator key): $119.99

  • Lost or stolen rope: $29.99

  • Missing or broken plastics or compartments of any kind: $200 - $1500+

  • Any fibreglass damage: $250 - $1500+

  • Any type of intake ingestion: $350 - $1500+

  • Sunken ski or water-flooded engine: Full deposit

  • Recovery service: starting at $399


There are parameters set that customers need to follow. Anyone breaking the policy guidelines will result in the loss of your security deposit.

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