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It's Been a Hot Minute

It’s been a hot minute since we last blogged up in here! We’ve been crazy busy with all you lovely folks, and maybe one too many rescues on the water. SO we come to you with some safety tips that not only help YOU but help us from having to charge you the pesky repair fees.

Rules of the Harbour/Waterway

  1. IDLE IN, IDLE OUT. Please don’t cause wake/speed in the harbor. We’re not telling you because we don’t want you to have fun. It’s for the healthy-happy folks/boats in the harbor, we don’t want to cause anyone damages or disturb. Please be respectful.

  2. GREEN MEANS GO – Follow the rock wall + docks to the green bouy! It may be enticing to exit through the gap before the rock wall but what you can’t see is the number of wooden beam sticking up that will damage the haul, or that you can run aground because you are too close to land.

  3. WATCH FOR DEBRIS (Seaweed, wood, rocks etc.) - even in the middle of the water. Simple as that. Things can, and will get stuck in the jet-intake. This will result in no water getting to the engine to cool it ultimately overheating the engine and causing you to have a hefty bill of repairs.

  4. PARTY IN THE MIDDLE – avoid going to shore. Yes you see it all the time in action movies where James Bond runs a jet-ski on land and it just keeps running – WELL FOLKS, that’s not actually a thing, we have seaweed and rocks getting stuck all up in there causing holes and unhappy customers – we don’t want that.

  5. HAVE FUN + always remember it’s okay if you fall off just remember to flip it properly

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