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Earth Day & Pitch-In Week 2018

In support of Pitch-In Week, Earth Day (Sunday, April 22) and of Sea-doo’s Clean Sea Project we hit the shoreline of Lake Simcoe in our hometown of Georgina and picked up what we could with the still melting snow and ice patches. Hello, it’s April Mother Nature! In support of our beloved PWC makers, BRP, we embarked on this task as Sea-doo celebrates it’s 50th anniversary of continual environmentally responsible innovation. As a new business in Georgina dedicated to the health and vibrancy of the water, of not just our own Lake Simcoe, but all water systems, we plan to help keep waterways trash-free so that all can enjoy the beauty of nature.

We got this great idea from non-other than BRP, the makers of Sea-Doo watercraft as they celebrated and supported Earth Day with two events on Saturday, down south in the sunshine state! We encourage anyone and everyone to get out and not only clean up the shorelines but your neighbourhood and community. After all we have to take care of our dear planet so it can take care of us.


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