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FAQ's with LSWR

Lake Simcoe Watersport Rentals (LSWR) was born out of a dream that quickly, and I mean quickly, turned into a reality. With Georgina being an every growing community, thriving in the summer with tourists and cottagers alike, we couldn’t see a better opportunity to answer your pleas. With a passion for engines and a love for the summer heat, we thought, why not combine the two? With nowhere close by, hell nowhere on Lake Simcoe to rent Sea-doos we thought we’d jump at the opportunity. And jump we did.

When will you be open? We are setting a tentative date for May 12 as our soft launch, as we will only be open weekends during this time, cause let’s be real, it’s still a little chilly outside.

What will your hours be? We will be open weekends in May, starting May 12 from 9 a.m. to an hour before sunset. We will be open from June to September from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. and September to October for weekends only.

What will you be offering? We will have 4 sea-doos available for 1-hour rentals. Your 1-hour rental you include a temporary boat license, a life vest and safety course prior to taking out your sea-doo. We will also give you a map of the lake with places to check out, or avoid.

We have 2 options for sea-doos available, however, upon drop-in you may not be able to request. We will have two (2) Sea-doo Sparks (2 seaters) and two (2) GTI’s (3 seater). We suggest booking online ahead of time to guarantee your ride.

Why Keswick? Why not? We are locals, and love being near the water. We saw a need and wanted to fill the gap. We also wanted to help-out our fellow business owners in the area with the extra flow of traffic. With Keswick and Georgina as a whole grows, we aim to expand – of course, this is in your hands!

Are sea-doos kid friendly? Our sea-doos are great for all ages, we do however require that all operators must be a minimum of 18 years of age and possess a valid Driver’s Licence.


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